Where to Take Gamer Girls on Dates

Dating gamer girls or geeky girls can be quite different from what you might be used to. These types of women might not be as into the typical girly things that you’re used to having to put up with, especially if she tends towards the tomboy side of things. It can be especially difficult to come up with a good date idea for a gamer girl if you don’t know many games. Knowing what makes a good date for a gamer girl can give you an edge over the other guys that are trying to go out or hook up with her, so it’s to your benefit to learn. Finding a Swanky Arcade “Take her to a good arcade” Arcades are somewhat a thing of the past in this day and age, but the ones that still exist tend to be quite fancy. Finding a good local arcade can be the perfect place to take your geeky gamer girl out on your big date. You should definitely take the time and effort to scope out your location before you take her there so you can make sure it meets your standards. Avoid arcades that are small and dark – the arcade attached to a bowling alley is usually not going…

Geek Is Chic – Making Glasses Work With Your Look

“Geek glasses look good” Smart guys don’t have to finish last anymore. We are finally in high demand! The explosion of geek culture has made it so that smart guys are more recognized in the main stream and a lot of women have decided that smart is sexy. But you have to be careful with how you appear smart; you can’t simply put on a pair of glasses and call yourself a genius and a chick magnet. Navigating the wide world of fashion and faux pas can be difficult, but it’s necessary to look your best and give yourself a better chance of scoring that hot date! Framed For The First Time The first and most important part of looking attractive in glasses is finding the right glasses frame. You want to keep in mind that you’ll probably be wearing these with everything you own, so it’s best to go neutral. You will wear these to work, to important social events, on dates, to the movies. Make sure they’re comfortable and look relaxed on your face. You want your eyes to be centered well, or you’ll end up looking funny. Don’t be afraid to ask the ladies who work there what they think looks best. If you can, post some…

All about Dating Girls Who Seem like Tomboys

“Ask her to give you a ride” No matter how long you’ve been on the dating scene, chances are that you are used to dating girly girls – the hot girls at the bar who spend hours on their makeup and outfit so they look flawless – and not tomboys, who might not put as much effort into their appearance. Tomboyish girls can often be the exact opposite of the kind of woman you’re used to, but that doesn’t mean that they are not worth going out with or hooking up with. It might be a bit more difficult to know how to treat her and what will work with her, since the techniques that you usually employ with girly girls will likely not have the same effect. Knowing What Not to Say to Her Tomboys can sometimes be extremely sensitive about what guys say to them, and this goes for whoever they are dating or hooking up with. Knowing what you shouldn’t say to her will help you make the relationship as positive as possible. One thing you should avoid is ever suggesting things about her appearance unless you know for sure that she can handle it without getting upset. You should try not to suggest that she dress…


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