Using Online Dating to Get Business Trip Hookups

Want to have a great hookup on the side? You don’t want to spend every night out when you’re on a business trip. You’ve got responsibilities, early mornings, and you can’t risk getting a hangover or oversleeping because you were out until the bars closed to get a woman to go home with you. If you want to have a great time on your business trips, you need to use online dating. Search Ladies in Other Cities If you’re hooking up outside of a relationship then it’s obviously better to stay away from the local ladies. You want to take your adventures outside of your area. Business trips are the best way to do this. If your woman is nervous, just point out that you won’t even have time to meet anyone while you’re gone. This is true. That’s why you should be stalking hookup sites before you even leave home. If you’re hooking up with a woman in a relationship, suggest that you’re the best bet for her as well. You won’t be in town, there’s no risk that you’ll ever meet her boyfriend or husband, and so forth. If you want to be doubly sure, have women from the surrounding area of your business trip also meet you…

Internet to Real Life: What to Expect on Your First Real Date

Moving from online dating to real life dating isn’t always easy. If you’ve been playing the online dating game for a long time you might not know what to expect. You’ll be meeting a woman in person that you’ve talked to, video chatted with, and probably seen naked all online. If you’ve formed expectations based on how you know her online, don’t be surprised if they’re not all met. The transition from Internet to real life dating can be full of surprises. Most of those surprises are going to occur during your first real date. This doesn’t mean you should panic. It does mean that you should be prepared to adjust your expectations. She Might Look Different If you’ve chatted with her at length and seen her naked on webcam, you’re probably expecting her to look a certain way. The fact about webcams is that they’ll usually give you poor-quality video. Webcams are also limited in that you can only see the other person from a certain angle. So when you see her in person and she looks a lot thinner or thicker than what you expected, just chill. Keep in mind you’ve only seen her through live video feed. Chances are really good that you probably look different from…

Decoding Mixed Messages

Some guys refer to the mixed messages that women send as “womanese”. While the name is lame, it’s a totally legit concept. Women have an ability to say one thing while entirely meaning another. Unfortunately it’s all in their nature so they don’t bat an eye at the confusion that they send our way. In fact, they say that we should just “get” what they mean. We are not mind readers. The mixed messages that come from women mean absolutely nothing to us without a translation. All women are different, but there are some actions/words that are universally difficult to “get”. The False Date “You can’t consider this a date” When you’re first getting to know a woman or haven’t been dating her for very long it’s going to feel a little bit awkward setting up dates. You don’t quite know her all that well yet, but you still want to impress her with a well planned date. Good on you. Thinking ahead is the key. But at the last minute she calls you and says that she has to cancel. She might even do this a few times in a row. It’s annoying and throws off the whole flow of your perfect night together. While she’s giving you the…


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