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For a more romantic dating experience, this site can't be beat. The ladies here are serious about dating and relationships, and that atmosphere scored us 27 great dates.

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For a more romantic encounter, Passion.com simply can’t be beat. We realized that fairly quickly while digging into it for our Passion review, and that’s because there are ladies of all walks of life here…but all of them are serious about relationships.

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This means fewer scams.

Scams are a thing on any dating website, but Passion scams are few and far between. During our time on Passion.com, we really didn’t have to deal with anything too challenging.

This level of safety, security, and honest enjoyment really seemed to set this site apart from the others. That’s why we were so excited to have a chance to dig into it like we did.

Six Months on Passion.com by the Numbers

We ended up spending a total of six months on our Passion review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 300 e-mails to ladies that we knew weren’t Passion scams.

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Our #1 site for personals dating is top for a reason. Check out Passion

The results were telling.

From those 300 e-mails, we ended up with a total of 249 responses. This was amazing, and well beyond our minimum 50% return of e-mails on these websites that we like to stick to.

From those 249 responses, 35 ladies wanted to set up dates with us, and ultimately, 27 of them showed. This was well beyond our expectations, and we had a great time.

Two Messages to Passion.com Ladies That Got Great Results

Email 1: “Hi, Brittany. You have gorgeous eyes, and that’s why I just had to click on your profile. From there, I noticed that you were really into knitting. I’ve always wanted to learn myself, and I was wondering if you had any tips for someone that was just starting out?”

Email 2: “Hi, Katrina. I was drawn into your profile by that beautiful smile of yours, and from there, I kept reading to see that you were really into the fine arts. I love some of the paintings that you’ve put up on this site so far, and was wondering if you had any more to share.”

The Passion.com Features That Stood Out

The best part about this site is that you really aren’t going to have a crowd of ladies that don’t know what they want. These women are ready to date, and want a real man.

Be confident.

These women really do enjoy meeting men that have similar interests, so talk about what you like loud and clear. They’ll appreciate it, and they’ll get to know you faster.

Passion.com Dating Tactics: Get Ahead of the Game

Confidence is the name of the game on this website. If you can actually fill out your profile and sound like a real prize, these women are going to come flocking after you.

We know that it can take a bit of practice, but trust us: it’s worth it. You don’t have to invent a persona here, though; just be yourself, and be yourself loud and clear for these ladies to see.

Passion.com Issues That Need to Be Improved

You aren’t going to see a lot of scammers on this site, but there are some inactive profiles. People come and go, and that’s nothing to be worried about. Just avoid them.

Hopefully, they’ll clear out those old profiles soon…but in the meantime, they can just clog your searches. Skip, avoid, and move on to find real ladies on this site that are still around.

Passion.com in the News

This article helps explain why online dating is the way to go, especially when you have great sites like Passion.com at your disposal: http://voices.yahoo.com/online-dating-you-287.html?cat=7

The Last Say on Passion.com: Does It Work for Online Dating?

Passion.com is our number one site for a more romantic dating experience, and we really think that it’s worth a second glance. Check it out, and you’ll definitely see a difference.

35 Responses to “Our Passion.com Review: Our #1 Pick for Adult Online Personals”

  1. The Tired Frostbite

    I wasn’t originally going to review Passion.com, but I’m really glad I changed my mind. Not only is the site legit, it’s also a great way to meet women fast.

  2. I have to say, in comparison to what I’m used to, this site is phenomenal. I’m going to be recommending it to everyone I know, and I’m never ever leaving!

  3. Green Smokey Sapphire

    I was terrified that this site was going to be a scam when I first signed up, but I have got to say it’s been great so far. I’m glad I joined.

  4. I want to believe that Passion.com is legit, because this is going to be my last attempt at online dating before I give up on it altogether. Please, work for me!

  5. Tiny Hammer

    Good luck NOT getting laid on here! This site has built up my confidence in a big way, and now I’m ready to start hitting the clubs again. Ladies beware!

  6. I wanted to test out another site, but I ended up on Passion.com instead. I couldn’t be happier about it, though, because the site is absolutely fantastic! I love it!

  7. I’m giving this site the best rating possible, and I fully intend to write a review for it as well. Everyone deserves to know what a great site this is!

  8. Falcon Epsilon

    I don’t get why all the review sites from 2014 are saying that this site is a scam. Are they just not using it right? This site is definitely completely legit.

  9. I haven’t tried dating online for a few years, but I think it’s time to dust off the old keyboard and try again. I’ll be signing up for Passion.com this week.

  10. I’ve never been on any sites like this before, and I have to say now I’m kind of addicted. It’s so thrilling to me to be able to meet women on here.

  11. When my friend asked me to review Passion.com for him, I honestly can say I laughed in his face. I had no idea what a good site this was! I wish I’d joined earlier!

  12. I’m so done with comparison sites now that I know this one is out there. Nothing is as good as this, not even all the big sites that everybody joins.

  13. Wooden Small Stallion

    My friends and I had a bet going on about whether or not this site was a scam. They bet it was, I said it wasn’t. Needless to say, I won.

  14. Please tell me that this site is legit! I signed up for Passion.com a few weeks ago, and I haven’t heard anything yet, but it might just be too soon.

  15. Needless Rotten Rebel

    Someone told me that this site was good a long time ago, but I wish that I’d joined sooner because this site is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

  16. Don’t just test out Passion.com! As soon as you’re done with your trial run you’re going to want to join, so go ahead and just sign up instead to save time.

  17. I was going to give this site a bad rating just for laughs, but once I got a good look at this site I realized that it’s actually the best hookup site.

  18. Permanent King

    Rating this site for 2014 is easy. This year’s review so far has been fantastic, and unless it messes up big time or shuts down I don’t anticipate that changing.

  19. Dating online is out of the question, but a site like Passion.com might be able to help me hook up in my area and be discreet about it. I hope so!

  20. I’m addicted to sites like this. I love getting home from work, logging on, and getting to see all these beautiful women who all want to hook up with me!

  21. Snappy Smuggler

    I didn’t even bother looking at a single review site before I joined Passion.com. I knew it was going to be good, and I was so right. This site is absolutely flawless.

  22. In comparison to all the other sites I’ve joined over the years, this one is perfect. I wouldn’t ever go on a different site, not even if you paid me!

  23. I was all ready to call this site a scam, but it turned out to be fantastic. I was honestly pretty damn shocked, but I can’t say that I’m too upset about it.

  24. My friends told me that Passion.com is legit, but I’m not so sure. I looked at the site, and it doesn’t seem too promising to me, but that might be me.

  25. I was convinced that this site wasn’t going to be good, but it had me fooled! Despite how the homepage looks, this is a really solid site with a lot of women.

  26. Epsilon Duck

    Don’t test out another site! Everyone should be on Passion.com because it’s the best hookup site I’ve ever seen in my life. I love how easy it is to use.

  27. Giving this site a bad rating is completely out of the question. In fact, it deserves entirely good ratings, because I’ve never experience such a good site in my life.

  28. I’m so glad that this site was my review choice for 2014, because this is the best site I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how I ever went on another site.

  29. The dating scene wasn’t getting me anywhere, so I want to just hook up for a while instead. I need to meet women, and I really want to use Passion.com.

  30. Lemur Morbid

    I was about to give up on sites like this before I found out about this site! Now I have a girlfriend, and I still get to hook up on the weekends too.

  31. Fatty Hammer

    Review sites all talk about how bad Passion.com is, but I really don’t think they’re using the site right because I get laid all the time with women on here.

  32. I can’t even think of a comparison I’m so baffled by how good this site is. I just want to scream from the top of a mountain how much I love this site!

  33. Fairy Scarlet

    For once, I didn’t get tricked by a scam site! Not only is this site legit, but it’s also really easy to use and the women on here are all perfect 10’s.

  34. Everyone says good things about Passion.com, so it has to be legit, right? Wait, what if people are just paying others off to say good things about it? Oh no.

  35. Honey Ocelot

    It’s a really good thing that I tried out this site against my gut instinct to stay away, because I was able to meet my girlfriend on this amazing site.


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