Our MetroDate.co.uk Review: Why It Just Didn’t Cut It for Online Personals



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There are more scammers than real women on this site, and we have the numbers to prove it. Skip out on this ghost town and head for greener pastures.

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MetroDate.co.uk just made us want a stiff drink. It’s so empty that it’s just sad, and that became very obvious just during the first few minutes of our MetroDate review.

When a site is this empty, it’s usually taken over by scams, and that’s exactly what happened to MetroDate.co.uk. MetroDate scams are more numerous than real women on this site now, and that’s just sad.

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Six Months on MetroDate.co.uk by the Numbers

We ended up spending a total of six months on our MetroDate review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 300 e-mails to women that we hoped weren’t just MetroDate scams.

From those 300 e-mails, we only received a total of 26 replies. This was utterly pathetic, especially when not a single woman actually wanted to meet up with us on this site.

Major Problems with MetroDate.co.uk

We couldn’t stand the fact that this site is just empty and dead. It’s a veritable ghost town, and if that doesn’t start to scare you away, it really should from the very start.

MetroDate overlay screencapture

Our top-to-bottom ranking of the best online personals will give you the best idea on how to manage your dating life.

You can’t find a real woman anywhere on this site, and that’s just sad. It’s just a time waster.

MetroDate.co.uk in the News

Niche dating might be your way to go with the online dating scene, though that’s never going to end up happening on sites like MetroDate.co.uk: http://voices.yahoo.com/dating-sites-smart-people-guide-niche-dating-42914.html?cat=41

The Last Say on MetroDate.co.uk: Does It Work for Online Personals?

We couldn’t stand MetroDate.co.uk, and that’s why we were glad to leave it in the dust.

Instead, you should check out FuckBookNet.net. It’s the best of the best, and our number one site for a reason.

20 Responses to “Our MetroDate.co.uk Review: Why It Just Didn’t Cut It for Online Personals”

  1. Red Francois Darkmoon

    I really don’t want to review MetroDate.co.uk because I’m positive that the site is fake, and either way it sucks.

  2. I’m giving up on this site. It’s shitty in comparison to the other sites I’m on, so it’s no big loss to me.

  3. Lee Metzer

    Let me tell you right here and now that this site is a scam. I don’t want other people getting fooled.

  4. I’m going to join MetroDate.co.uk next time I get paid, but before then I want to find out if it’s legit.

  5. This site is no good at all. I thought I could get laid on here, but I didn’t get anything but disappointment.

  6. Baroness Solid

    Test out MetroDate.co.uk if you feel like wasting your time on a fake site with no real members and fake profiles.

  7. Rating this site is easy. I’m giving it a zero, and frankly they should be happy that it wasn’t a negative.

  8. Carey Hindman

    Review sites from 2014 all say the same damn thing, and I’m sick of it. They’re just lying about it.

  9. I’ve wasted so much time on dating sites that don’t work, so I hope my luck turns around with MetroDate.co.uk.

  10. I hate sites like this so much. I don’t like being led on, and that’s literally all they’re good for.

  11. Tough Torpedo

    I was going to review MetroDate.co.uk for my blog, but I was laughing too hard at how fake it was to write.

  12. A good comparison would be between this site and a ghost town, because this site has no members at all.

  13. Jaime Pawle

    I can promise you that this site is nothing but a scam. Don’t waste your time and join another one.

  14. So many people have told me that MetroDate.co.uk isn’t legit, but that must makes me more determined to join it.

  15. Good riddance! I met a woman on here, but it turned out that all she wanted was my money! No way in hell!

  16. The Hurricane

    I was going to test out MetroDate.co.uk before I heard about how terrible and fake this site was. No thanks!

  17. This site doesn’t deserve a good rating. In fact, this site deserves to be shut down and never come back.

  18. I wrote a review before I joined in 2014 for this site, and my opinion is the same. The site is bad.

  19. Dating online feels impossible, but I’ve been assured that MetroDate.co.uk will help me with that problem. I hope that’s true.

  20. I’m so fed up with sites like this, oh my god. I always fall for them, and they’re always just scams anyway.


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