Why Learning Something New Together Can Make the Best Date Ever

When you think of unique date ideas, you probably think about all of the romantic comedy movies you’ve been dragged to see in the past. In these movies, guys go out of their way to set up the most elaborate and romantic setting possible. Having a picnic on a beach with candles in mason jars may seem like a good idea to you, and maybe your girlfriend or fling would actually enjoy it, but there is a better way. Taking your date out to learn something new can be a perfect date for many reasons. Ditch the beach blanket and find a dance class or art workshop to attend. You might just wind upscoring big time. It’s a Date She Will Never Forget “Go for bungee jumping together” When girls think about dates, they usually think of the same things guys do – dinner and a movie and nothing particularly exciting. However, taking her to a class to learn something new is definitely unique. Chances are that no other guy has ever taken her to learn how to paint or mountain climb. Whatever kind of class you choose, it’s bound to be a unique experience for her that other guys will be unlikely to recreate. As long as you pick…

Where to Take Gamer Girls on Dates

Dating gamer girls or geeky girls can be quite different from what you might be used to. These types of women might not be as into the typical girly things that you’re used to having to put up with, especially if she tends towards the tomboy side of things. It can be especially difficult to come up with a good date idea for a gamer girl if you don’t know many games. Knowing what makes a good date for a gamer girl can give you an edge over the other guys that are trying to go out or hook up with her, so it’s to your benefit to learn. Finding a Swanky Arcade “Take her to a good arcade” Arcades are somewhat a thing of the past in this day and age, but the ones that still exist tend to be quite fancy. Finding a good local arcade can be the perfect place to take your geeky gamer girl out on your big date. You should definitely take the time and effort to scope out your location before you take her there so you can make sure it meets your standards. Avoid arcades that are small and dark – the arcade attached to a bowling alley is usually not going…

What to Do When You Realize She’s Sloppy

“Do not let her drink too much” Girls are supposed to be exceedingly tidy and neat, not only with their appearance but with the other aspects of her life – at least, most guys believe so. However, some women just don’t fall into this stereotype. You might date the hottest girl in the city only to find out that she’s a slob. Her house is a wreck and you can barely stand being around. This is usually shocking to guys, who are used to women being much cleaner than them. You probably always expected the woman you dated or hooked up with to be much tidier than you, and finding out that it’s not the case can be jarring. What do you do when you find out she’s sloppy, and why does it matter? Issues with Dating a Sloppy Girl You might want to overlook her sloppiness if she’s someone you really want to date, but this is often easier said than done. If you wind up hooking up at her place, you’re bound to see just how sloppy she can be. Her bedroom might be a total disaster zone with clothes all over the floor, and her bathroom might be just as bad, strewn with makeup products and feminine…

Using Online Dating to Get Business Trip Hookups

Want to have a great hookup on the side? You don’t want to spend every night out when you’re on a business trip. You’ve got responsibilities, early mornings, and you can’t risk getting a hangover or oversleeping because you were out until the bars closed to get a woman to go home with you. If you want to have a great time on your business trips, you need to use online dating. Search Ladies in Other Cities If you’re hooking up outside of a relationship then it’s obviously better to stay away from the local ladies. You want to take your adventures outside of your area. Business trips are the best way to do this. If your woman is nervous, just point out that you won’t even have time to meet anyone while you’re gone. This is true. That’s why you should be stalking hookup sites before you even leave home. If you’re hooking up with a woman in a relationship, suggest that you’re the best bet for her as well. You won’t be in town, there’s no risk that you’ll ever meet her boyfriend or husband, and so forth. If you want to be doubly sure, have women from the surrounding area of your business trip also meet you…

Unique Places to Meet Women

When you’re trying to find a date a lot of your guy friends or dating sites might direct you to the usual places. Bars, clubs, and coffee shops all make the top of the list, but they also get you the most common type of female. If you’re looking to get a little more out of your love life then look in places that others have skipped over. Finding a unique place to meet a woman is way more likely to get you a unique woman. Dance Classes “Join dance classes to meet new women” Dance classes were almost created for picking up women. The class is about learning to dance so you’re going to have to get into the rhythm. That’s one of the things that turn women on more than most qualities. If a man can dance he’s assumed to be fit and great in bed. Even more than that, most of the women in attendance are single and have to partner up with the men who show up. Then they’re forced to get close to them and physically touch. If that doesn’t make for a steamy meet up then nothing will. Dog Park “Your dog can help you get laid” People take their dogs very seriously. If…

Tips For Dating Girls Who Are Stubborn

As men, it can be hard not to fall into the trap of getting pushed around by our girlfriends. We want to make them happy, or sometimes the fastest way to shut them up is to give them what they want. It’s important to build ourselves a repertoire of skills to help deal with them when they get too pushy and refuse to budge on what they want. If you find yourself constantly facing this problem but you just can’t seem to break it off, you’ll want to master the art of getting your way with someone who is stubborn. Fire With Fire “Act the way she acts” If you yourself are a hot-tempered type, your best option can be to just fight fire with fire. You can out stubborn your girlfriend any day of the week! If she pushes you, push harder! Don’t budge for anything and she’ll learn that you just can’t be reasoned with and give in. Unless she doesn’t in which case you’ll be in for a lot of fighting. This can be healthy outlet for some couples, just be cautious about letting things get too out of hand. Remember it’s ok to fight, and it doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship. Sometimes…

Tips For Dating Girls Who Are Shy

“Shy girls take time to open up” Girls who are shy may appear boring at first glance, but the truth is that they just don’t know how to communicate what they want from you. They haven’t ever really opened themselves up to a relationship before, and don’t know what to do next. With a little bit of patience and guidance, you will find that shy girls can actually be the kinkiest of them all with a push in the right direction. Once they’re in touch with their inner passion and more confident, you’ll be rewarded. And even if she’s not into getting super freaky, chances are you’ll discover a wonderful relationship if you can get past her initial unsure and awkward front. Reading Her Body Your best clues in the beginning will all come from her body language. Watch the way she responds to you and the different ways you approach her. Chances are she’ll clam up pretty fast, and the key to reversing this syndrome is putting her at ease and getting her to relax. In the beginning, touching her will probably make her more nervous so you’re the best bet is to figure out what her hobbies are. Talk to her about something that interests her and she’ll…

Think Outside Your Type: Getting Laid Whenever You Want

There’s nothing wrong with liking what and who you like. However, if you want to be able to get laid any night of the week you’re going to win some and lose some. Not every woman can be your perfect ten, but if you think outside the boundaries of your usual type you’ll find there are plenty of attractive women out there who’d love to go home with you tonight. More Options = More Chances This is just simple math. If you have such exacting standards that there’s only one woman online who suits you, you’re pretty much screwed if she says no. If you get the perfect woman out of your mind and open yourself up to more kinds of beauty, you’ll find that there are tons of women online who’d do well. The more times you ask, the more chances you have to say yes. Dating is a numbers game, but online dating is even more so. If you’re being overly picky then you’re only hurting yourself. That leaves more women for the rest of the guys to choose from. List Some Vague Specs If you’re the type who has filled out his profile with a list of everything a woman “has” to have before she should even…

Simple Ways to Show Her You Really Care

“Don’t say that you love her, but show it to her” If you have never been a particularly romantic guy, you may find that you struggle with small displays of affection in your dating life. Women always seem to want a charming guy who’s a romantic at heart, and while they may not express it outright, they often want you to show her that you care. You probably think that your regular relationship should be proof enough, but for some women they want you to take the extra step. Showing her that you care about her is a great way to make your relationship more exciting and passionate, so there are a few simple things you can do to make her smile and reassure her that you really care. Write Her Secret Little Notes While this may be slightly too cutesy for your taste, it can really win a woman over. Write little notes and stick them in various places for her to find, but don’t mention it until she finds it. Try writing down a compliment or something that she did that you appreciated. While this might seem cheesy, it lets your girlfriend know that you were thinking about her and that you feel strongly enough to let it…

Should You Put Your Number Online?

This is the great question that plagues all men who start out with online dating. Should you or should you not include a number in your profile? It would be easier for women to contact you as soon as they want and you could be sure that you’d get their responses very quickly. On the other hand, is putting your phone number out there on the internet a good idea? The Short Answer No. Don’t put your phone number on your online profile. Don’t Get Caught in Google For a slightly longer look at why you absolutely should not just splash your phone number all over your profile, you don’t want to get caught in Google. You don’t want such a personal piece of information associated with something like an online pick up ad. You want to keep that back for when you meet a lady you actually want to talk to again. If someone who has your number were to use it to find you (perhaps on Linked-In, or if you have a legitimate online business or business that has your information up on their website) you don’t want your kinky sex ad popping up. It’s an unlikely thing to happen. Ask yourself seriously: is it worth getting a…


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