What to Do When You Realize She’s Sloppy

“Do not let her drink too much”

Girls are supposed to be exceedingly tidy and neat, not only with their appearance but with the other aspects of her life – at least, most guys believe so. However, some women just don’t fall into this stereotype. You might date the hottest girl in the city only to find out that she’s a slob. Her house is a wreck and you can barely stand being around. This is usually shocking to guys, who are used to women being much cleaner than them. You probably always expected the woman you dated or hooked up with to be much tidier than you, and finding out that it’s not the case can be jarring. What do you do when you find out she’s sloppy, and why does it matter?

Issues with Dating a Sloppy Girl

You might want to overlook her sloppiness if she’s someone you really want to date, but this is often easier said than done. If you wind up hooking up at her place, you’re bound to see just how sloppy she can be. Her bedroom might be a total disaster zone with clothes all over the floor, and her bathroom might be just as bad, strewn with makeup products and feminine product all over. This is obviously a serious mood killer. Besides that, you might be uncomfortable with her level of hygiene in general. Sure, she looked great when you picked her up at the bar, but if you start dating her you may notice her hygiene starts to slip. There are plenty of concerns when it comes to dating someone who’s particularly messy, so you should never just brush it off.

Deciding if It’s a Deal Breaker or Not

Depending on how sloppy she is, this may be a deal breaker. If she’s just a little untidy, you should probably try to look the other way in the interests of preserving an otherwise good relationship – especially if you plan to keep things casual. If you want to pursue something more long term, you should carefully consider what you can deal with in the long run. If she seems like she came off of an episode of a show about extreme hoarders, it may be time to cut ties and run for your life, unless you only wanted a one night stand. These women are difficult to change, so you should keep that in mind each time.

Ways to Work around It

“Help her clean the mess at her house”

If you’ve decided that her sloppy habits aren’t a deal breaker, it’s time to find a way to work around it. The best and easiest way to avoid the issues that comes with sloppiness, especially for a hook up or one night stand, is just to avoid her place at all costs. Take her to your house or find a motel room to use – they’re both bound to be cleaner and less cluttered. If you plan on dating her, you may want to start showing her new ways to organize her house without being too obvious or rude. However, remember that women like this are often difficult to change, so it may not be worth it.


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