Tips For Dating Girls Who Are Stubborn

As men, it can be hard not to fall into the trap of getting pushed around by our girlfriends. We want to make them happy, or sometimes the fastest way to shut them up is to give them what they want. It’s important to build ourselves a repertoire of skills to help deal with them when they get too pushy and refuse to budge on what they want. If you find yourself constantly facing this problem but you just can’t seem to break it off, you’ll want to master the art of getting your way with someone who is stubborn.

Fire With Fire

“Act the way she acts”

If you yourself are a hot-tempered type, your best option can be to just fight fire with fire. You can out stubborn your girlfriend any day of the week! If she pushes you, push harder! Don’t budge for anything and she’ll learn that you just can’t be reasoned with and give in. Unless she doesn’t in which case you’ll be in for a lot of fighting. This can be healthy outlet for some couples, just be cautious about letting things get too out of hand. Remember it’s ok to fight, and it doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship. Sometimes you have to work things out between two passionate people. The good news is, they say make up sex is the best kind.

Meeting In The Middle

Sometimes the key is to compromise. Both parties get something that they want in exchange for the other partner’s cooperation. If she’s just not going to budge on going to that One Direction concert, make sure you use that as a bargaining chip for yourself. Agree to go but only if she fulfills one of your desires. This can be a great time to call in sexual favors, a boy’s night out, or tickets to that upcoming sporting event you’re dying to see. Whatever your desire is, communicate it clearly and suddenly you’re both happy and fulfilled. Of course, there may be times where the things you want conflict completely, like what color to wear at your wedding. If it becomes too emotional for both of you, give each other time to think about how each other feel and sleep on it. See if there’s any sort of middle ground. If it comes to it, you may have to agree to form a new plan together and not do what either of you originally wanted.

Recognize You Are A Pushover

“Don’t force her for anything”

If you can’t master the courage to complete either of the first two options, I have news for you dude. You’re a pushover, and girls will walk all over you for the rest of your life unless you man up and grow some balls. If you like wearing a collar and being submissive to your girlfriend, that’s cool don’t get me wrong. If that’s not how you imagined your future, it’s time for some deep reflection on how you can learn to talk to women. It’s not a weakness to admit this, it makes you stronger for admitting your flaws and working to fix them.


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