Think Outside Your Type: Getting Laid Whenever You Want

"Finally, he got laid"

“Finally, he got laid”

There’s nothing wrong with liking what and who you like. However, if you want to be able to get laid any night of the week you’re going to win some and lose some. Not every woman can be your perfect ten, but if you think outside the boundaries of your usual type you’ll find there are plenty of attractive women out there who’d love to go home with you tonight.

More Options = More Chances

This is just simple math. If you have such exacting standards that there’s only one woman online who suits you, you’re pretty much screwed if she says no. If you get the perfect woman out of your mind and open yourself up to more kinds of beauty, you’ll find that there are tons of women online who’d do well. The more times you ask, the more chances you have to say yes. Dating is a numbers game, but online dating is even more so. If you’re being overly picky then you’re only hurting yourself. That leaves more women for the rest of the guys to choose from.

List Some Vague Specs

"Do not be too picky when choosing women"

“Do not be too picky when choosing women”

If you’re the type who has filled out his profile with a list of everything a woman “has” to have before she should even contact you, there’s really nothing we can do for you. You have to decide that you’re willing to settle for a real woman, not your fantasy. Once you’ve gotten rid of that you’ll actually have a chance to have dozens of real women.

However, if you haven’t listed what you like in a woman on your hookup focused profile, that’s a problem. The trick here is that you want to make this as inclusive a description as possible. You want to give women something to think applies to them. Say you like a woman with large breasts? Don’t list a cup size. Instead, say you’d love to chat with “busty” ladies. What that means is totally up to the ladies themselves. It will be a huge confidence booster for a woman to be able to look at your profile and think that you’re looking for someone just like her. Keep these terms loose and you’ll see that you get a lot more women messaging you.

Aim for One Perfect Thing per Lady

When you’re going through your responses to see which women you want to ignore and which you think would actually be good with, don’t be disappointed if they do not immediately seem like your time. Maybe she’s a little more padded than you generally like, but it really helps increase her bust. Aim for one thing you really like per lady you want to hook up with. What this is can change from lady to lady, but you should try to have one thing. Maybe you like one woman’s bust, and another’s long hair, and another has the exact kink you’ve been dying to try in real life. Shop around and over time, you’ll have experienced all the qualities your dream girl would have had.


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