Should You Put Your Number Online?

"Don't put your phone number in your profile"

“Don’t put your phone number in your profile”

This is the great question that plagues all men who start out with online dating. Should you or should you not include a number in your profile? It would be easier for women to contact you as soon as they want and you could be sure that you’d get their responses very quickly. On the other hand, is putting your phone number out there on the internet a good idea?

The Short Answer

No. Don’t put your phone number on your online profile.

Don’t Get Caught in Google

For a slightly longer look at why you absolutely should not just splash your phone number all over your profile, you don’t want to get caught in Google. You don’t want such a personal piece of information associated with something like an online pick up ad. You want to keep that back for when you meet a lady you actually want to talk to again. If someone who has your number were to use it to find you (perhaps on Linked-In, or if you have a legitimate online business or business that has your information up on their website) you don’t want your kinky sex ad popping up. It’s an unlikely thing to happen. Ask yourself seriously: is it worth getting a woman’s answer a few minutes faster when the cost could be a potential employer or potential customer finding out what you’re up to online?

Don’t Get Spammed

"Your number might reach the spammers"

“Your number might reach the spammers”

Sadly, even dating sites aren’t immune from scammers. There are plenty of unscrupulous and highly annoying spam tactics that depend on getting someone’s phone number and then signing them up for all kinds of annoying spam. You don’t want to find yourself getting three dozen texts to buy erectile dysfunction medication every day, do you? If you want to keep yourself spam free, keep that number for a real lady not a spam bot.

Can Find Crazy Women

The other risk about having your number online isn’t embarrassment or spam. It’s the fact that someone you don’t want to talk to could get your number. You’re not going to want every woman you talk to online. If she has to contact you through the site or through email, she’s easy to ignore if you don’t want to deal with her. If she can call you, text you, and send you pictures without you asking you have a real problem on your hands. The internet is full of lovely, sexy woman who just want to have a good time. It’s also unfortunately full of desperate women who think that everyone who messages them online is their one true love. Protect yourself from awkwardness, uncomfortable situations, and having to change your number to escape a stalker by just keeping that to yourself in the first place. Your number is a privilege, not a right; make a woman earn it.

All together, these are some very good reasons not to put your number online. You might think it’s a great idea to be texted by random women at any time of the day, but it’s not going to work out that way for you. Save yourself the headache and wait to know her before handing out your number.


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