She Might Be a Little Bit Crazy If…

When your friends tell you that a chick is crazy most of the time they don’t mean that she’s been committed to a mental institution. More likely she’s one of the women in the world that have no logical tendencies and ruins your life with ease. Unfortunately these women can also be very, very hot. But despite the fact that you want to put it in them, you should avoid them at all costs. At first they may not even seem crazy, but if you look out for these telltale signs then you’ll be able to spot her from a mile away.

She’s Jealous

“She is getting jealous unnecessarily”

Crazy women are jealous of other females. They will yell and scream at you for having female friends at all and tell you that you’re disrespecting her by showing that much attention to another woman. No matter what you tell her, she will never believe that you can feel anything for a female other than romantic love. Disgustingly enough, that extends to your own family too. A crazy woman will absolutely give you shit for loving the female members of her family. She may not rant and rave against them, but when you give your sister or mom more hugs or affection than you do to her you can expect a cold shoulder.

She Makes Shit Up

“Yes, she is crazy!”

All right, so this one is a little bit complicated. Everyone makes something up. We lie, we cheat, and we exaggerate the truth. But the difference here is that the crazy woman does the same thing, but about 50 times bigger. You are not just a great guy, you are the center of her universe and she will pluck every good fact about you and spin it into otherworldly virtues. On the other end of the spectrum she may make up a completely opposite world to her own. Here she’s crazy, jealous, and mean but in her eyes that’s not even how it is. She’s actually just so unique and herself that others cannot help but be infatuated with her life. She’s not the one creating the drama; it’s just everything revolving around her. It’s a little sad, but when you start to notice an extreme denial and lack of reality going on you’d better run. For a horrible example: there are quite a few news reports out there about crazy women saying that their boyfriends raped them when in reality that’s not true. She might be thinking in her head that she wants you to stop and seriously exaggerates that when she talks to others.

She is Isolated

Crazy women can’t make friends the same way the rest of us can. They can’t always hold on to familial bonds either. When a woman isolates herself saying that she can’t trust anyone or thinks that everyone is out to hurt her she’s acting paranoid and dramatic. You definitely don’t want that to be part of your lifestyle, so it’s best to detach and avoid any further contact.


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