Properly Flirt with Her On Social Media Sites

“Flirt with her online”

Places like Facebook or Twitter give people an opportunity that they never had before: they can flirt with anyone, anywhere. While that doesn’t mean you’re going to jump up and marry a Russian, it might mean that you can get off to flirting with a pretty lady. Of course you might get lucky and find a woman you’d be interested in who lives near you and want to try to get to know her. The only problem that could exist for you is that you might come off as creepy. With free porn roaming the internet there seems to have been a break in the dam of creepy. Get around that and charm her pants off.

Initiate a Conversation

This goes especially for sites like Facebook. When a woman sees a request for friendship out of nowhere from someone who lives 61 miles away she’s not going to feel good about it. Even the homeliest of women get hit on in awkward ways, so they’re always very wary when it comes to random guys wanting to friend them. So before you even do that, take the time to send her a message. This doesn’t have to be extremely detailed, but if you can take a look at the things on her page enough to find something that you have in common it will go better for you. That way she sees that you’ve actually taken the time to go through and read about her. You’ll look less creepy and more interested.

Don’t Bombard Her

“Don’t turn her off by asking too many questions”

Now that you’ve gotten past the friend block you might be tempted to get all up in her profile and really stalk this woman. If you do that, don’t mention it to her at all. That might sound like common knowledge but you’d be surprised at how many men let it slip that they’ve been studying up on her personal information. She won’t find it charming. Instead pick a few of your favorite things and pinpoint you flirts to align with them. Once a week talk to her about something new. Unless she actively messages you back and forth then stick to one day to contact her. After that you’ve got to wait for her to come back to you.

Leave Her Page Alone

Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook all have personal pages that allow for us to pretty much write our lives on there. When you go through and “like” everything or repost every post she puts up you’re going to look way too much into her life. You’re flirting, not dating. So take a step back and keep your fingers from clicking too much. At first you want it to seem like you’re barely there. Just like in real life too much contact can actually be way overbearing and turn her off immediately.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you can’t over share with her. It’s really easy to get carried away when we’re typing to a person instead of saying words loud, so keep an active eye on as a filter.


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