Planning Your First Trip Together

"Show her all the locations where you plan to go"

“Show her all the locations where you plan to go”

You know your relationship is progressing well when she asks to take a trip somewhere with you. In order to keep things going well you’re going to have to plan the trip the right way. Obviously, it pays to have some aspects of romance in the trip no matter where you go. If she feels romanced, you’ll get laid, and everyone wins. So how do you go about organizing a trip that makes you both happy? Read on through the helpful tips we’ve put together for you.

Plan Ahead

Maybe you’re not a detail-oriented kind of guy. That’s fine for most things, but when it comes to your first trip with your girlfriend, you need to pay attention to details. If you’re headed out of the country, for example, you’re going to want to stay at a resort or hotel that doesn’t have questionable standards of cleanliness. You want to know whether or not transportation is part of your all-inclusive. Is your room conducive to romance with a nice view and mirrors on the ceiling? Trust us, if you want this trip to sweep her off her feet you need to pay attention to detail.

Make Time for Her

Maybe your vacation together is actually her tagging along while you head out on a business trip. If that’s the case you need to make time in your schedule for her. Plan a romantic, late-night dinner after you have done your meetings. Make a point of getting it on when you return to your room after you’ve been separated all day. If she knows you’re thinking about her when you’re away doing work stuff, she’s going to feel appreciated and happy.

Include a Surprise

"Give her a surprise during the trip"

“Give her a surprise during the trip”

Even if your trip together is just a few days away from home at a campground, you should try to include a surprise for her. This can be as simple as hiding her favourite candy in her sleeping bag or arranging for there to be flowers waiting for her in your hotel room. Little details like that will make her enjoy herself even more.

Cater to Her Interests, Too

The point of taking a trip together is to ensure you both have a good time. So it will be tempting to do everything you want to do. You also need to do things she wants to do. If you’re in another country and she wants to do some shopping, indulge her. If she’s into culture and art and you’re not, suck it up and head out with her to museums or galleries. Showing her that you’re willing to do things you don’t like to spend time with her will make the trip memorable for her.

Don’t be Cheap

If you’ve already booked a flight and a room at a fancy resort, don’t start acting cheap on little details. Opting to eat at shady little greasy spoon restaurants rather than upscale resort dining rooms is going to make you look cheap. The point of the vacation is to have a good time. If you’re always worrying about how much money you’re spending, neither of you are going to enjoy yourselves. Make a budget if you have to but make sure it’s a realistic one.


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