Mastering the Law of Attraction to Find a Girlfriend

“Law of attraction can definitely get you a girlfriend”

Alright, so it may feel entirely cheesy to even think of such a thing, but if you’re really down on your luck with the females then you might want to consider trying to use the Law of Attraction to find the right lady. For those of you that don’t know, the Law of Attraction states that if you want it bad enough, you’ll get it. It’s as simple as that. If you want a car enough, somehow you’ll get a freaking car. So if the logic works why not try it out and get a sexy girlfriend?

Find a Quiet Spot

You can’t go around mentally attracting women if you don’t have the proper spot to do it in. Before you start anything you’ve got to find the perfect spot. Preferably it’s going to be a quiet spot where no one can disturb you. While your basement might seem perfect, the crumpled chip bags and pizza boxes aren’t exactly the most peaceful setting. A clean, clear place where your friends can’t make fun of you is ideal.


A hurried mind won’t get the goal that it wants. Once you lay down you need to take at least two minute to calm the hell down. Everyday life always seems to be at the corners of the mind, and if life is poking at your desires you might become distracted and end up ordering a hot pocket instead of a hot woman.

The easiest way to actually relax is to lie down in comfortable clothing and close your eyes. For a few minutes just breathe in and out to try to clear your mind. You want a blank slate for the next step.


“What do you think will happen next?”

Picture in your head exactly what you want her to be. Imagine her clothes, her hair, what she looks like, how she acts, etc. This is the perfect female of your dreams. Instead of just putting her on a pedestal, visualize yourself actually having her already. This step should only last for half of a minute. Any longer than that will cause you to dwell on any negativity that might lay behind your perfect woman. What if her caring personality leads her to comforting other guys after they have a break-up and she has sex with them? Negativity has no place in the Law of Attraction.

Go About Your Day

Get up from your visualization and go about your merry way. Try not to think about your perfect girlfriend for the rest of the day. Again, that only leads to possibly negative thoughts. Plus the amount of effort you put in with your visualization will have put out enough good energy and desire to get the girl. Just be happy knowing she’s (supposedly) on her way.

Do It Again

It’s time to start over. The very next day you should start with the second step (you already know your happy place) and really get into the process. Repeating over and over will get you what you desire because it’s being attracted to your thoughts.


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