Learning How to Listen the Right Way

“Never show that you are not interested in listening to her”

One of the key skills all guys need to have when entering into a relationship or even just trying to meet women is to know how to listen properly. While this may not seem particularly important to you at first, you might be surprised by how much it winds up affecting your dating life and your relationships, whether they’re casual or long term. Knowing how to listen properly can make a huge difference in all aspects of your life, and not just for hooking up – but it can really benefit you in that area too. You usually need to follow a few simple tips to really understand how to listen properly, so knowing them will be greatly beneficial.

Maintain Open Body Language

An important aspect of listening properly that you probably have never considered is keeping open body language. While you may not know this, having open body language actually subconsciously helps you listen better. It also encourages the speaker that you’re listening to them and want to know what they have to say. Make sure to sit straight and relaxed in your chair, if you’re sitting, with your legs open and your hands resting somewhere on your legs. This is a non-threatening pose that shows you’re open to what she has to say. Never cross your arms or legs, because it signifies you closing yourself off. Lean forward in your chair to show her that you’re very interested in what she has to say.

Parroting What She Says

“Listen to her carefully”

Repeating what she says back to her every now and then is a very clear way of showing that you are listening to her. Don’t do this very often, or she will notice it – the key is to only do it often enough for her to subconsciously pick up on it. Parroting what she says allows her to know that you’ve heard what she is saying and you’re empathizing with her. It’s usually best to phrase it as a question so you are not just repeating what she said, and changing a word or two from her original phrasing is the best way to make sure it’s not too obvious what you are doing. Some people parrot subconsciously while listening, which means that it won’t be too obvious even if she does notice you are doing it.

Asking for Clarification

Even if you completely understood what she said, asking for her to clarify things is still a good way to show that you are listening to her. You should also try to get confirmation about how certain things made her feel. If she seems mad about a story she’s telling you, ask her if it made her angry. This will show her that you’re listening and understanding what she is telling you, which is something that most guys often forget to do. Even if you’re wrong about how you interpreted what she was saying, this is an opportunity for her to clarify what she meant. Either way, it allows for clearer communication with her, something she’s sure to appreciate.


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