Is Your Personal Giving Women Red Flags?

"Your ad is creating doubts in her mind"

“Your ad is creating doubts in her mind”

There’s an idea in Internet culture that a lot of men go online to prey on women. That’s really not the case, and the steady rise in online dating proves that. However, women still have to worry about attackers of all sorts. If your personal ad is even questionable, a lot of the more paranoid ladies will skip you entirely. If you want to hook up, you need to cut the red flags out of your ad. Here’s the tips to make a personal that gets women intrigued without tripping any warning sirens.

Always Include Humanizing Information

Even if you’re writing a short personal ad you should include so called “humanizing” information. Mention your hobbies, or why you’re turning to online dating. Maybe you work long hours and find meeting ladies difficult. Maybe you’re just tired of the bar scene and want to cut to the chase. Whatever you do, make sure that you include information besides what you want in a lady. This helps readers see you as a real person. The more “real” you seem to them, the more comfortable they’ll be reaching out and talking to you. It’s harder to project fears that you might be a murderer onto you if they have actual information to go off of.

Don’t List out All Your Kinks

"Do not type the complete list of the kinks you want to try"

“Do not type the complete list of the kinks you want to try”

If you’re a kinky guy meeting ladies online is one of the best ways to get dates. It’s hard to tell if someone’s kinky if you meet at a friend’s party or the grocery store. Online, that sort of thing is generally out in the open and it’s easier to tell if the two of you are sexually compatible. However, if you list out a long list of kinks in your ad, women are going to feel pressured to like every single one of those things before they message you. Your dream woman would share all of your kinks, but you’re not always dealing with your dream lady. You only need to share one kink to have a great time together. Listing tons makes even a kinky lady feel that she’s a sex toy to you.

Instead of listing everything you’d like pick the one or two you just can’t do without. List those and invite ladies who have kinks in addition to those to contact you as well; you have other kinks, but you’re not wanting to load down the add with all of those.

Don’t Be Super Specific about Your Type

You should always include a couple lines about the ladies you’re hoping to hook up with thanks to this ad. However, you don’t want to get super specific. Instead of saying that you want a certain size lady with certain size breasts, think up a word close to that. Sure, you might get the occasional woman who thinks that “curvy” and “fat” are interchangeable, but women are hard critics of themselves. If you don’t include exact specifications you might find someone who’s even better than what you were expecting. Besides which, men who are extremely picky in their lists are seen as predatory. She doesn’t want to feel like she’s one in a long line of mostly identical women. That’s too creepy for most ladies.


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