How to Be Less Possessive

“Being too possessive about her will lead to arguments”

Being possessive stems from being jealous, so it can be all too easy for a guy to get possessive over your girlfriend or sex partner. She’s obviously attractive to you or you wouldn’t be with her, so of course you wouldn’t want to lose her. On top of it, all she’s probably going to do those lovey things with you and make you a happy guy or whatever. It’s in our nature to want to keep around those things that make us feel good. But if you get overly possessive and jealous all that’s going to happen is she’s going to get upset and leave you. To avoid losing a good thing you’ve got to:

Figure Out Why

Jealousy is an ugly feeling that doesn’t leave a lot of room in your head for thought. You feel it, you act it, and no one ends up happy. Getting to the root of what’s going on can help you deal with your possession. Did a former girlfriend cheat on you? Did your mother prefer her other boys? No matter what has happened in the past you can’t let it affect what you’ve got going on now. Yeah, maybe she is really popular and has guy friends, but that’s not a bad quality to have in a girlfriend. Calm the hell down and attempt to make friends with her guy friends. Maybe they’re actually really cool and you’d get along with them.

Face the Facts

“They are just her guy friends and nothing more”

The whole thing that makes us go crazy with jealousy is that we’re imagining things that just aren’t real. The moment she leaves your side she actually strips down into her sexy librarian outfit and shushes all of the guys in the vicinity with her yard stick. Logically, you know that that’s not true. But it’s hard to think anything else. So instead of filling your head with crap why not face it? Go out with her on a weekend and see how she really parties. Most likely you’ll meet her friends, buy her drinks, and see that these aren’t really the wild nights that you had imagined. It’s scary to think that you’re wrong, but it will help you in the long run.

Oh, and if you’re afraid that she’s going to change her plans last minute because you’re coming don’t give her notice. She might think it’s a bit rude but it will put your mind at rest.

Test Her

This advice comes with a warning: if you’re going to test her then you’re truly showing that you have no trust in her. If she catches you most likely your relationship will be over or on the verge of it. All right, now that that’s out of the way you can get on with the test. Find a really good-looking guy (preferably a friend) and send him on his merry way to go flirt with your lady. When he shows up looking sexy as shit and she rejects him you’re going to feel a lot better. She obviously doesn’t know what’s up, so keep it that way.


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