How To Appear Taller Than You Are

“A shirt with horizontal strips will make you look taller”

It’s no secret that most women like their men to be taller than they are, but the height differences between men and women has gotten to be all over the place as humans from all over the world mix together. It doesn’t help that women want you to be taller, but then they go buy 6 inch heels to prance around in. What is a shorter guy to do? While you can’t make yourself magically grow taller, you can let fashion aid you in the process of appearing taller than you are so that you can attract all the women who want a taller man.

Why Women Care

It may seem silly to us, but the deeper romantic side of women simply picture themselves with a boyfriend taller than they are. They like having to lean up to kiss you, or have you hug them from behind. You can reach things on the top shelf for them and see above the crowd. Keep this in mind as you’re thinking about how to appear taller as there are a few height-boosting techniques and it’s important to aim for the right height difference and not over shoot. A good measurement trick is to be tall enough to rest your chin on her head when standing behind her.

Visual Tricks

Your wardrobe can be your best ally in helping you appear tall. Look for clothing that is slimming, as slimming is associated with taller. Tight pants will be sure to give this effect, and remember to choose them in dark colors. The darker the color, the more slimming it is for you. If you don’t believe me take a pair of similarly fitting white and black pants. Stand in the same spot and take a picture of yourself in each of the pants. Compare the results and you will be shocked how the white pants will have you looking more like a whale than ever and the black ones will have you admiring your own hotness. Stay away from all horizontal stripes and plaid or any pattern really. Dark solid colors and vertical stripes will aid you much better in your optical illusion.

Elevating Your Chances

“Wear elevator shoes”

When illusions really aren’t enough, it’s time to step thing up a notch! Hit the Internet to find the infamous Elevator Shoes. If you’ve never heard of them before, they are basically high heels for guys can increase your height 4~5 inches! Your foot is at the same angle as high heels with your heel raised to give you some more elevation. The cool thing about these shoes though is that they look like regular dress shoes. No one should be able to tell you are adding to your height. The only downside is they don’t come in many super fashionable styles, but they will make the biggest improvement. If you want a more fashionable and versatile option, then consider gel inserts. Gel inserts can turn any shoe into an elevator shoe, but work best in boots or shoes that give good ankle support. These inserts can provide as much as 2″ on your height. If you’re desperate for more than that, stack two pairs of inserts.


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