How Soon Can You Ask for a Naughty Pic and Not Be Sleazy?

Her profile pic gives you a good idea of what’s beneath the hood, but every guy wants a closer inspection. The timing of the request is everything. You don’t want to wait too long and lose the moment, but you definitely don’t want to come off as a sleaze. So how soon can you ask for that naughty pic without turning her off?

Read Her Signals

A lot of this is art, not science. The first thing to notice is that you should be reading her signals. It might seem really soon, but if she’s coming onto you hot and heavy you might not have to wait. On the other hand, if she’s turned cold then there’s no reason to push your luck anymore. Let her calm down a little bit and then hit her up again when she’s in the better mood. There’s no reason to ruin a potentially good thing by pushing too hard for it to happen.

At Least an Hour If She’s Ready

"Ask for her picture through text"

“Ask for her picture through text”

If she seems ready for naughty chat, you can build up the tension and make yourself look like a gentleman by waiting an hour. Use this time like foreplay; compliment her, tease her, get her to loosen up and enjoy herself. You don’t have to do that much, just keep her interested. She might jump the gun and send you a pic without you even having to ask. If this happens then you basically won the jackpot. You look like a great, respectful guy and you know for sure that she’s desperate to have you.

Chat Her up for a Couple Days

"Talk to her normally for few days"

“Talk to her normally for few days”

If she seems into you but she’s not up for sexting right away, then you should wait a couple of days before asking for a pic. Let her get to know you a little by chatting her up over the course of a few days. Talk for a couple hours one day, less the next, and then lay the charm on long and heavy for a nice, slow build up to asking. Getting a naughty picture from a woman is often harder than actually getting laid. Consider this a mark of your skill as a seducer. Be patient. Lay the groundwork. Make her comfortable and she’ll be eager to show you all that she has. If she’s shy about sending you a picture let her know that you understand. Maybe you should just meet in person, no cameras. That’s even better.

Weeks Is Too Long

Weeks is way too long to wait for a naughty picture. They are hard to get, but you need to consider the cost benefit analysis of this situation. There are plenty of fish in the sea. You don’t need to go chasing after a woman who never intends to deliver the goods. If she’s always teasing you by sending a pic, let her know that you don’t want to wait anymore. Either she’s serious about you or she’s not. If not, then hop back online and find another woman.


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