Geek Is Chic – Making Glasses Work With Your Look

“Geek glasses look good”

Smart guys don’t have to finish last anymore. We are finally in high demand! The explosion of geek culture has made it so that smart guys are more recognized in the main stream and a lot of women have decided that smart is sexy. But you have to be careful with how you appear smart; you can’t simply put on a pair of glasses and call yourself a genius and a chick magnet. Navigating the wide world of fashion and faux pas can be difficult, but it’s necessary to look your best and give yourself a better chance of scoring that hot date!

Framed For The First Time

The first and most important part of looking attractive in glasses is finding the right glasses frame. You want to keep in mind that you’ll probably be wearing these with everything you own, so it’s best to go neutral. You will wear these to work, to important social events, on dates, to the movies. Make sure they’re comfortable and look relaxed on your face. You want your eyes to be centered well, or you’ll end up looking funny. Don’t be afraid to ask the ladies who work there what they think looks best. If you can, post some teasers to your social networking friends and see what people think. Also avoid frames that make you look too young, and be careful choosing black unless you wear a lot of black already. Be wary of glasses without edges, sometimes they are sexy and sometimes they make you look 90.

Dress For Success

Now that you have a stunning pair of new glasses, it’s time to bring the whole look together using your wardrobe. We’re going to focus on dressing up for a date here, so let’s just put this out there right now. Do not wear T-shirts. That’s crossing a line into the too young geek territory when you need to dress the part of a man. You’ll want to keep the basis of the outfit versatile by using neutral colors. Make sure you have some nice slacks in black and Khaki. Have a variety of dress shirts, light patterns on the fabric is ok but be careful with stripes. Your chance to get bold comes with bright accessories like funny ties or an electrifying pair of socks. Keep it small and see how your date responds before getting out there. Finish it all of with an interesting jacket or sweater. Try to pick out layers that offer extra fashion details like nice trim, zippers, snaps, or unique types of fabric.

Shape Up

“Start going for a morning or evening walk”

It’s important to look like you’re taking care of yourself, particularly how you look in your new fashionable wardrobe. If those slacks are tight around the middle, it’s time to look at your habits and consider some new ones. Watch what you eat, and consider how you can be more active in your life. If you’re already blessed by being thin, challenge yourself to put on a little extra muscle before your next night on the town. The better you look, the better you will look in glasses and the better chance you will have of getting the hot lady you’ve been hoping for.


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