Four Things You Don’t Know Are Ruining Your Profile

Writing a profile which appeals to women can be tough. Simple things can totally turn them off before they’ve even sent you a message. If you see that a lot of women are viewing your online dating profile but not that many are sending you a message (or respond to yours), then you should try to make sure you’re not making these four mistakes.

Poor Grammar and Spelling

The thing about grammar and spelling is that they don’t matter to some women, and they really do to others. If you’re a casual guy who enjoys using abbreviations and casual slang in writing, you might not think there’s any harm in it. If it expresses who you are to write “u” for “you”, so what? Who cares? The ladies care. There are plenty of women who are lazy or not up on grammar and spelling themselves who are super judgmental of it in a man. If you’re wondering if it’s the worth the effort to run your post through spell check before you send it off, think of it this way: a woman has never decided not to date a man who wrote “you” instead of “u”, but every single day women turn down men who do the reverse.

Not Being Specific about Who You’re Looking For

"He doesn't even know what he wants"

“He doesn’t even know what he wants”

You want to make women think that they’re the girl of your dreams. You should be vague enough about it that a lot of women could potentially fit (don’t give exact measurements, for example), but you shouldn’t just say that anyone who’s interested in anything should message you. You should say that you’re looking for a funny, confident, curvy woman. There are plenty of ladies who think they meet that criteria and they can get the confidence boost needed to reach out to you if they think they’re just what you’ve been looking for.

Being Too Philosophical

Online dating is a static way to meet people. You have to show that you’re a man of action. Don’t load your profile up with a lot of philosophical insights or quotes from great minds of the last hundred years. That just slows ladies down. If you want to be popular you have to sell the idea that you’re fun and if she hangs out with you she’ll have fun.

Not Ending in a Call to Action

"Edit you profile to get responses from women"

“Edit you profile to get responses from women”

Think of your profile as one big sales pitch. If you want to get a woman’s attention you need to end this sales pitch the same way you’d end any pitch: with a call to action. Tell her to message you now. Not “if she feels like it” or “if she wants to hang out sometime.” Be direct, assertive, and tell her to go ahead and message you now. This little boost is proven to work in sales and marketing, and it works just as well when the product is you.

Clean up these four common mistakes and you’ll find that your profile turns a lot more of those views into messages and responses to your advances. These fixes shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to spruce up. Half an hour for all four, and you’ll be reaping the rewards immediately.


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