Five Tips for Perfecting Your Sex Ad

"Do not be in a hurry to post your ad"

“Do not be in a hurry to post your ad”

If your sex ad isn’t getting the kind of attention you want, you’re probably lacking in one of these five key areas. You shouldn’t shy away from working on your sex ad. It might seem like a waste of time to revise it, but once you’ve gone over and implementing these tips you’ll be getting the kind of attention you deserve.

Be Specific about the Time and Place

If you leave things up in the air, a woman has more uncertainty. You don’t want her to be unsure. You want her to make up her mind to call or email you right away. The more concrete information you can give her at the start, the better. If you want to meet at your place, say so. You don’t have to post your address online (in fact, don’t ever do that), but you should make it clear whether you’d be renting a hotel room or if it would be at your house. If you have a good time, then you should include that. It might be hard to predict when you’d like to hookup, but you should never leave the time as “ASAP.”

Do a Grammar Check

You don’t have to have great grammar and spelling on your own. Just run your ad through a word processor or make sure your browser’s spell-check is turned on. You want to appeal to as wide an audience of women as possible. Sure, lots of ladies aren’t picky about a few spelling mistakes, but some are. This is a super easy fix you should take advantage of.

What’s in It for Her?

Let her know that it’s going to be worth her while. You don’t have to tell her how big you are or anything like that, but you should make it clear that you’re a generous lover. She should come to you if she wants sex that’s a cut above the average random encounter. Make sure that you follow through on this promise as well; that’s how you get a good reputation within a circle.

Check out the Competition

"Read other ads before posting your own ad"

“Read other ads before posting your own ad”

You should scan the ads that other guys are putting up to get a feel for what the community is like. If there are a lot of guys focusing on how kinky they are, for example, you can decide whether you want to stand out by offering thorough, well-performed vanilla sex or if you want to fight to stand out among the other kinky men looking for sex in this area.

Target Your Audience

Read up on the ladies who are looking for sex. This tells you the kind of women who will be responding to your ad. If you see a certain culture, such as hot, young single moms who are looking for a night of fun and no commitment, then you can tailor your profile to appeal to that kind of woman. You’re fine with being no strings attached with a lady with other responsibilities in her life. You just want to have a good time.


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