Decoding Mixed Messages

Some guys refer to the mixed messages that women send as “womanese”. While the name is lame, it’s a totally legit concept. Women have an ability to say one thing while entirely meaning another. Unfortunately it’s all in their nature so they don’t bat an eye at the confusion that they send our way. In fact, they say that we should just “get” what they mean. We are not mind readers. The mixed messages that come from women mean absolutely nothing to us without a translation. All women are different, but there are some actions/words that are universally difficult to “get”.

The False Date

“You can’t consider this a date”

When you’re first getting to know a woman or haven’t been dating her for very long it’s going to feel a little bit awkward setting up dates. You don’t quite know her all that well yet, but you still want to impress her with a well planned date. Good on you. Thinking ahead is the key. But at the last minute she calls you and says that she has to cancel. She might even do this a few times in a row. It’s annoying and throws off the whole flow of your perfect night together. While she’s giving you the cold shoulder you might begin to think that she’s not interested in you. That sucks, but you try a few more times. She keeps pushing the dates off and always has plans. Then when you stop trying to contact her she messages you with: “You never call me anymore 🙁 “. Is she kidding? No, unfortunately she’s not.

What She’s Doing

The message that her actions are giving you is that she’s not interested in going out with you. The lack of return ideas for date nights leans toward not being all that into you. Then she messages you with that whole sad faced message. What gives? Basically all she’s doing is trying to get you to chase her. Women love that sort of crap. She’ll feel like you’re really going through the hoops to get her, but when you finally stop trying she’ll wonder why you left her hanging. This is another case of her logic not matching yours.

Mismatched Feelings

“Can you guess what her crossed legs mean?”

When you’re out on a date she’s acting cold. The conversation is light, she shows little to no affection, and her interest level seems like it’s dipping into the negatives. If she didn’t bother showing up for dates you’d assume she isn’t into you at all. Then later on she’ll message you or give you a call about how wonderful last night was and that she’s so glad that you’re such a great guy. Alright, something funky is going on here.

What She’s Doing

The ice queen routine during the date is her trying to act cool, calm, and collected. In an attempt to be different from other women she’s decided that her disinterest will probably make her seem like a better catch. You have to work harder, so she must be worth it. In actuality she can’t contain herself and that leaks through in her verbal messages.


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