Common Mistakes that Can Get You Dumped

“Yes, it’s true. She has dumped you”

Alright, what’s the deal here? You’re a smart enough guy who isn’t completely hideous, but somehow you keep getting dumped. You’re not sure what’s going on exactly and your guy friends can’t help you out because they’ve never dated you. If you’re not having the best luck with the ladies lately it might be thanks to some of the less pleasing qualities that you don’t even know you possess. Look at these four reasons and really think to yourself: is that me?

You’re Just Too Nice

This shouldn’t have to be an issue for finding a girlfriend, but it really can be. Yes, women want a nice guy to be with, but they don’t want someone who’s too nice. Then she’s going to feel like she can walk all over you and you won’t say crap. Women want to get their way pretty often, but they also like a guy who can stand up to them. The tension that the differing views create is electric and definitely turns her on. If you’re agreeing with everything she says and never stop her from doing something wrong then you’re only digging your own grave. She also looks to you for some sort of alignment. If she’s thinking of making a career change but you know that logically it’s not a good one then say so. She’ll appreciate you looking out for her later on.

You’ve Got a Case of the Jealous

“Don’t get jealous unnecessarily without knowing the facts”

Alright, this one is a no-brainer. If you’re a jealous guy then she’s probably going to get a little bit pissy at you. But the thing is, it’s not just jealousy over other guys. Women absolutely hate it when a guy gives her crap for loving on her dog more than him. If she’s in school or works long hours and you’re complaining that she’s not giving you the attention you deserve then you’re being jealous of her work/school life. If you do have beef with something like that then say it outright. She’ll appreciate the fact that you’re communicating with her rather than criticizing what she needs to do.

You Aren’t Being Picky

It sucks when you can’t seem to find a girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean that you should lower your standards. Yes, loneliness sets in and you pretty much settle for the next female that shows even a slight interest back at you. While this might seem awesome at first because yay lady loves, overall it’s going to be a killer. She isn’t the type of girl you really want to be with. When being indiscriminate all you’re doing is taking what’s thrown at you instead of going out and getting what you really want in a woman. The chances of you and the random blonde at the bar will be compatible is really, really low. The ride will only last so long as there’s something to keep the two of you interested in each other. Once that runs out you’re back on the hunt for the next best thing.


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