Being Fully Prepared for Your Date

“Make sure you look good”

After you’ve been dating a while the nerves sort of go away and things can be fun and relaxed at the same time without the universe blowing up. But that’s taken some serious work to get to that point. When you’re getting ready for your first date all you are is a jumble of nerves that can barely remember to get its pants on. By taking the time to fully prepare for your date you’re going to eliminate any sort of malfunction that would be within your control and double your chances of making some sort of relationship with this woman. It’s not as hard as you think.

Double Check

Taking the time to reconfirm your plans with your date will make everything smoother. Even if you’re checking in with her half an hour beforehand it’s going to make a difference. You might feel stupid since you’ve already confirmed the first time you came up with the idea, but avoiding nasty surprises like step-mother’s dropping in or a sudden period attack will make you feel better. There’s nothing worse than being stood up by your date, and if you can avoid it your confidence won’t take a hit. If she does happen to have to skip out this time, you’ll also have a prime chance to reschedule.

Iron Your Clothes

Obviously having ironed clothes will make you look more attractive and presentable for your date. The first go around is pretty important and you want to be on top of your game. But the reason behind ironing goes even further than that. Ironing is a repetitive motion. Going back and forth over your clothes is going to be pretty monotonous, but that’s the perfect type of action to get your brain to calm the hell down. You’ll look good and be ready to take on the awkward first date.

Call a Spade a Spade

This phrase pretty much means that you’ve got to call it like you see it. A first date is awkward. It does not matter how much you end up having in common or get along. You are meeting a total stranger in a romantic setting with the supposed intention of getting it on and making babies together after you’re married. Those who go out on dates aren’t just looking for quick flings. So taking a breath and accepting that it’s going to be awkward will actually make everything a lot less awkward and way more manageable.


“Stretching exercises will help release tension”

Taking the time to stretch out your body will release the little bits of tension that’s hiding out in there. The tension may be physical, but it can manifest in your brain and make you freak out about what’s going to happen.


By far the most important tip is to smile. Smiling has the same affect that a yawn does. You do it and those around you will do it. It’s a proven fact that even faking a smile will trick you into feeling happier. When you’re happier your date is going to feel way more at ease.


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