5 Things That Will Actually Make You Bigger Down There

“Size definitely matters to some women”

It’s a horrible fact of life that not all of us are equal. Some men are smarter than you while others are better looking. Some people are born rich while others get lucky in life. It sucks, but what’s even worse than any of those is being born with a small dick. That’s something that you really have no control over. Your parents screwed you over with the combination of their genes and you have to live with the consequences. A ton of different companies play on this sad fact of life and offer all sorts of solutions to make your dick bigger. None of them work, but there are five ways that don’t involve pills that will perk your dick up.

Lose Weight

This seems to be the answer to just about any problem that we face nowadays. We’re not trying to get you to work out to be healthy. No, instead you’ve got to work out to give the illusion that your dick is bigger than it looks. When you lose weight your fat upper penis area (F.U.P.A) shrinks like crazy. Without all of that extra fat in the way your little guy can stand proudly at attention. When you are at the gym, ditch the weights in favor of cardio. It will shed weight faster.

Trim Your Pubes

The pubes are obviously there for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that they have to look like a caveman could be living in them. Having a huge bush does the same thing that having the upper peen area does: you lose out on precious realty. All of the fluff covers the base of your dick and you can lose up to one inch just because you’re furry. Not all guys like to go with the pre-pubescent look and that’s fine. To keep it clean without looking childish take a pair of scissors or an electric razor and trim close to the skin.

Cock Rings

“Consider wearing a cock ring”

Normally cock rings are just thought of for the actual act of sex. But if you’re trying to convince her that you’ve got a mighty anaconda instead of a garden snake then don a cock ring before you drop out. The ring at the base of your dick will trap the blood that’s flowed into that area and keep you looking harder and more impressive. Obviously there won’t be an actual increase in your junk, but the illusion and hardness of it will be there thanks to your new jewelry.

Be More Confident

When a woman meets a guy who already knows he has a small dick she’s going to know. “My dick is tiny” is written all over your face. This makes it awkward for everyone. If you walk into the run and strut your stuff then she’s going to be way more likely to be down with your small member if you act confident about it. Yelling from the rooftops won’t help, so just stand straight and tall while letting your dick stand at its fullest.


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